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Creatives What's Different

Creatives What's Different

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Creatives What's Different

A picture-based game that helps children develop their observation and problem-solving abilities, as well as their ability to communicate verbally.

There are 17 huge card pairings in the game, and each pair has two cards designated 'A' and 'B. Cards A and B have four distinct variances in color, shape or size, or addition or removal of an object, but cards A and B are both complete and can be used as a reference guide.

How does it work?

The child needs to look closely at the card "A" in each set and figure out what is different about card "B." The 'Activity Guide,' given with the game, contains many activities and their answers, so kids can learn on their own.

Features and Benefits

  • The ability to observe.
  • Develops capacity for resolving issues
  • Enhances visual aptitude
  • Learn how to figure out what's different
  • Expression of one's thoughts or feelings or both
  • Suitable for ages 5 and Up

Box Content Include

  • Game with 4 boards and 24 pictures
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