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Walnut Squirrel Family 4172

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Walnut Squirrel Family

Cedric loves anything to do with carpentry. He seems to be very good at it as he finds it easy to come up some of the most unique things to make. He does not allow just anyone to see his special creations and keep them hidden in the store room!

Yardley, on the other hand loves talking and can do so all day long. From faraway, you can hear her loud laughter that comes from deep within her belly. She loves showcasing her bushy tail and shiny fur, which she proudly brushed out every night.

Ralph is a little rascal that cannot get enough of climbing trees. Once his little brother Ambrose's balloon got caught on a tall tree, without any further ado, Ralph climbed up and got it back in the blink of an eye.

Saffron loves anything yellow looking. Her room is full of all things yellow, from yellow flowers to yellow ribbons. The only yellow thing she doesn't like much are lemons.

Box Content: Squirrels x 4