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Violin Concert Set 6009

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Violin Concert Set

The Chocolate Rabbit girl and a violin are included in the Violin Concert Set, which includes a figure and accessories.

The violin and bow are held by the Chocolate Rabbit girl's delicate hands.

She is dressed in a stunning crimson satin gown with a golden charm.

There's also a violin case and a violin holder included.

We suggest you collect the Cello Concert Set and Grand Piano Concert Set as well to enjoy an outstanding piano trio performance.

Combine with the Town series' shops, furnishings, and figurines for even more fun (all sold separately).

Chocolate bunny is included

Benefits and Features

  • Violin, bow, and violin case are also included.
  • Encourages creativity and imagination in children
  • For youngsters above the age of three, this is a popular toy.

Recommended age group: 3 years and Up

Content: Chocolate Rabbit girl, violin, bow, violin case, violin holder (total 5 pieces)