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Toilet Set Sylvanian Families 5020

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Toilet Set Sylvanian Families

How cute isn't this Toilet Set by Sylvanian Families? It even has a sink unit, a lovely mat for the toilet and storage rack for all your bathroom accessories. There is even a toilet paper holder and all the necessary goodies to ensure any water works run smoothly.

The hygienic needs for your Sylvanians are seen to with a handy detergent bottle. Your little darlings can wipe their hands dry on the towel that hangs so nicely on the towel hanger.

The potpourri and cute flower pot add a touch of femininity and keep everything smelling lovely. 

Benefits and Features:

  • Lovely accessories for toilet area
  • Cabinet includes bathroom and cleaning accessories
  • Special printed insert provided for added play value

Suitable for Ages:  3 years and Up

Box Set Includes: 1 x toilet, 1 x partition with sink unit, 1 x toilet mat, 1 x storage rack, 1 x toilet paper holder, 2 x rolls of toilet paper, 1 x pair of slippers, 1 x toilet brush, 1 x brush cover, 1 x bottle of detergent, 1 x flower pot, 1 x potpourri, 1 x towel hanger, 1 x towel