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Sylvanian Hedgehog Family 4018

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Sylvanian Hedgehog Family

What is really cool about the Sylvanian Hedgehog Family is that they each have their own brush or comb. Mortimer is a tailor who loves making clothing for everyone living in Sylvania. A lot of the times, he sews while rocking himself in the rocking chair.

Eleanor makes and designs special costumes such as Sunday best clothes and wedding outfits.

Maxwell has his eyes on his dad and wants to be tailor too one day. He is already doing a great job at measuring the material.

Abigail love designing clothing such as frocks and dresses. One thing is for sure, the Sylvanian Hedgehog Family is very arty and creative.

Benefit and Features

  • All figures are dressed in fabric clothing that is easy to remove.
  • Figures all have moveable arms and legs.
  • The hedgehogs cultivates small ones minds and bring about happiness.

Suitable for Ages: 3 Years to 10 Years

Box Set Includes: A set of the Hedgehog father, mother, boy and girl!