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Sylvanian Families Tuxedo Cat Family - 5181

Sylvanian Families Tuxedo Cat Family - 5181

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Sylvanian Families Tuxedo Cat Family

Mason is a quiet, dependable person who is close to his family. On his days off, he enjoys taking his girls shopping or teaching tennis to his wife Natalie and other Sylvanians.

Natalie is a happy and busy person. She likes new and lovely items and keeps up to date with new trends. She rushes to new stores as soon as they open. She reads fashion magazines to stay on top of the latest trends.

Lily, like her father, is a dependable person who excels in sports. Despite the fact that she and her twin sister Rose have completely different personalities, they are very close sisters who enjoy going shopping together.

Rose, like her mother, is happy and beautiful. Her personality differs from that of her identical twin sister.

Suitable for ages 3 and Up

Content includes 1 x father, mother, son, daughter Tuxedo Cat Family Set

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