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Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor Gift Set Multi-Colour 5365

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Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor Gift Set Multi-Colour

If your Sylvanians fancy a change of scenery, why don't you get them a beautiful apartment in town? The Elegant Town Manor will do just that with its grand double doors, spiral staircase, and quaint curved balcony.

The pretty chandelier offers a sense of elegance, while the large windows allows plenty of  light.

This set makes for a gorgeous gift set that includes bedroom and dining room furniture in a pretty white design

Benefits and Features:

  • Spiral staircase is self standing
  • Included furniture is in an original colour
  • Stella as the older Chocolate Rabbit sister is exclusive to this Sylvanian Family Set
  • Can be set up alongside other Sylvanian Building Sets

Suitable for Ages:  36 Months to 20 Years

What's in the box: Elegant Town Manor main unit,spiral staircase roof, chandlier, , flooring, passage, 2 x windows, 2 x fences, 3 x terrace fence, 4 x roof decoration, Stella the Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister, and various accessories with a total of 46 pieces.