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Sylvanian Families - Country Tree School 5105

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Sylvanian Families - Country Tree School

Time to enjoy the Country Tree School Bread Set by Sylvanian Families. Soon you will discover that the 3 figures wear the prettiest outfits that are exclusive to this set.

The classroom Is big enough to host up to 6 children and features 6 desks with seats and a whiteboard. It gets better as there is also a tree to climb during break time.

No wonder they call it the perfect platform for pupils to get inspired for their art lessons. Do not overlook the fact that there is a fancy telescope fitted to the roof to satisfy the curiosity of any little star-gazers.


  • Both the school building and tree can be connected in numerous innovative ways
  • Encourages imaginative play among children
  • The set has everything you need and more for a productive day at school

Suitable for Ages: 4 to 14 Years

Box Set Includes: 1 x school classroom, 1 x tree, 2 x desks, 6 x chairs, a teacher's desk, 1 x whiteboard, 1 x bench, and an array of assorted accessories.