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Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family 4150

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Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family

The adorable Chocolate Rabbit Family is known for making the most delicious sweets around town. Father Frasier is a well respected confectioner and got his inspiration from his mother dear at a young age. You simply have to try his chocolate creations.

Mother Teri is the expert at filling all the delectable chocolates so they taste heavenly. Neighbours find it difficult to ignore the funnel of oh so lovely flavours and sweet sugarly aromas.

Brother Coco too plays his part in that he eats all the goodies. That is why they try to keep him away for as long as possible.

Benefit and Features

  • Cement mixer has realistic engine sound and is activated through a motorized push and go action
  • Notice the visible spinning pattern thanks to the automatic mixing drum
  • Removable construction driver named Ricky

Suitable for Ages: 36 Months to 3 Years

Box Set Includes: Four piece set: Father, mother, brother and sister