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Sylvanian Families Chiffon Dog Twins - 5428

Sylvanian Families Chiffon Dog Twins - 5428

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Sylvanian Families Chiffon Dog Twins

The Chiffon Dog Twins set comes with two Chiffon Dog dolls (one sitting and one crawling) as well as a ride-on toy. By moving the head, the figurines can be posed.

The heads of the Chiffon Dog Twins can turn. The ride-on toy can accommodate the sitting Chiffon Dog Twin. To simulate play pushing, place the crawling Chiffon Dog Twin's hand on the ride-on toy's handle.

The crawling Chiffon Dog twin is eager to communicate with the rest of her family as soon as possible. She is always attempting to communicate with her mother by making "goo goo, gaa gaa" sounds.

The seated Chiffon Dog twin is always envious of what other people have. If he doesn't get what he wants, he screams at the top of his lungs.

Use with Chiffon Dog Family and Chiffon Dog Baby (available separately) to create a family of seven for even more amazing fun. For imaginative play, mix & combine with various homes, furnishings, or figures (available separately).

Alternatively, ride-on toys (available separately) can be used to imitate group adventures with other Twins!

Chiffon Dog Twins Characteristics

  • Collectible Chiffon Dog Twins
  • Set includes a crawling, sitting, and riding baby.
  • Dressed in fabric garments that can be removed
  • Encourages children's imaginative role-playing
  • Ages three and up

Box Contents Include

Ride-on Toy (Car, Light Green), Chiffon Dog Twin (sitting), Chiffon Dog Twin (crawling) (a total of 3 pieces)

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