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Sylvanian Day at the Seaside 4870

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Sylvanian Day at the Seaside

Nothing beats a good trip to the sea. Especially when its summer. Sylvanian families thrive when they are on the beach having a ball. They love to dig their paws deep into the sea sand.

The Sylvanian Day at the Seaside set is just what they need to give them a little bit of privacy and protection from gusty winds that are usually a common feature when at the beach.

Just imagine the sure bliss of being able to lie back and relax on a pinstripe deck chair. When its picnic time, you simply unfold the tartan blanket and enjoy delicious snacks and other goodies.

Benefit and Features

  • The set features over 35 pieces
  • Encourages stimulative role play in children
  • Treat your little ones to some fun seaside adventures during quiet times at home
  • Excellent value as it features innovative ways to entertain young ones

Suitable for Ages: 3 Years and Up

Box Set Includes: 1 x deck chair, 1 x blanket, 1 x seaside windbreak, 2 x buckets, 1 x spade, 2 x sandcastle toy, 1 x rubber ring, 1 x ball, 2 x plates, 2 x mugs, 1 x flask 1 xbunch of bananas, 1 x orange, 1 x apple, 2 x sandwiches, 1 x lunch box, 1 x bag, 2 x ice-creams, 2 x ice-cream holders, 1 x newspaper, 2 x postcards, Father Harley Farthing and his eldest son Brother Vespa Farthing.