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Galt Shocking Rocket

Galt Shocking Rocket

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Shocking Rocket

Experience and Out of This World Scientific Experiment

Galt's Horrible Science products are science, but with all the gooey bits left in, they are sure to give you goose bumps and make you scratch your head. The Horrible Science kits are a gateway to a world of exploration and education that is devilishly enjoyable.

Exploring ugly nature, learning about volatile volcanoes, making horrible kitchen pongs, making a lava lamp, and getting to grips with bulging brains and frightening eyeballs are all possible for children.

The kits come with an illustrated lab notebook or a Horrible Info Leaflet that explains how to conduct the experiments and teaches kids some icky science facts in the process.

Learn how rockets are propelled into space and how water may be used as a propellant, as well as other astonishing rocket facts, by building your own water-fueled rocket.

Shocking Rocket Benefits and Features

  • Learn how to make a water-fuelled rocket
  • Defy gravity and learn how rockets burst off
  • Discover astonishing rocket facts
  • Kit includes plastic rocket body, nose cone, fins, rubber stopper, valve, stickers, tape, and "Horrible Info" pamphlet.
  • Suitable from age 6 years and up
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