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Science Safari- Part 1

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Science Safari - Part 1

A Life Science Game to discover nature

Learn About Animals, Plants, and their Habitats

The players has to beat a path around the earth on the Play Board. The individual spaces reveal different symbols that represent four different categories to with Earth, Landforms, Weather and Outer Space.

Once the player lands on a space, the next player have to pick a card from the question cards pile and ask a question that corresponds to the symbol the player landed on.

Should you land on a visual card, the player needs to answer the question with the help of visuals. When the answer is correct, the player is allowed to move forward and take another turn.


  • Highly educative and informative game
  • Build essential scientific vocabulary
  • Learn to lay a strong foundation of vital concepts of life science


  • Dimensions: 45.5 x 23.5 x 4cm
  • Age Group: 9 years and Up
  • Content: Play Board with 90 Questions Cards on 3 Topics, 36 x visual cards, play pieces, and playing rules.