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Galt Savage Storms

Galt Savage Storms

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Savage Storms

Experience the Spinning Effects of a Tornado

Make actual thunder sounds, hold a tornado in your palm and generate your own snow and icicles. Check out how flooding is made worse by humans, the horrific consequence of global warming and other unpleasant realities. Based on the bestselling books written by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles.

Savage Storms Benefits and Features

  • Witness the pure excitement on your child's face as they get to hold a tornado in their hands and hear real thunder sounds.
  • Children learn to respect the effects of global warming by experimenting with this science kit. 
  • Suitable from age 8 years and up
  • Content includes cap and spring, thunder tube, sticker sheet, glue, glitter, tornado jar with lid, clear sticker scene, icicle solution, icicle card, snow powder, petri dish, measuring scoop, 20 page Lab Notebook, 2 plastic trays. 
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