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Refrigerator Set 5021

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Refrigerator Set

Complete your Sylvanian Families kitchen with this one of a kind Smart Refrigerator Set that has enough space with a large freezer drawer and holds a dozen eggs. You even have three little notes you may stick on the fridge.

Store all your favourite veggies such as carrots, broccoli, and peppers. Not to mention the everyday essentials every Sylvanian Famiily needs like milk, juice, and tomato sauce.

Benefit and Features

  • Includes the fridge and essentials
  • Great attention to detail given to the design
  • Woven style vegetable container to keep perishables fresh for longer

Suitable for Ages: 3 Years to 10 Years

Box Set Includes: 1 x refrigerator, 1 x milk, 1 x juice, 1 x ketchup, 1 x yogurt, 2 x boxes of ice cream, 1 x pack of pudding, 1 x cheese, 1 x basket, 2 x ice cream containers, 1 x block of butter, 1 x broccoli, 1 x pepper, 1 x carrot