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Pattern Play

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Pattern Play

Play 3 Ways

36 Hands On Activities

Children are tasked to create countless patterns with this entertaining yet challenging game of geometric explorations. Not only does it improve their creative thinking abilities, but also develops their reasoning skills.

How to Play

You need to copy and cover the Design Cards one-by-one using the different tiles of colours and shapes as shown by the spin of the Spinner.


  • Excellent way to develop spatial perception
  • Gain a proper understanding of pattern repetitions
  • Encourages creativity in children
  • Boost visual skills


  • Dimensions: 285mm x 50mm x 235mm
  • Age Group: 3 years and Up
  • Content: 28 x pattern cards, 7 x design cards, 168 x tiles in 2 shapes and 4 x colours, spinner, plastic tray and a grid sheet