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My First Puzzle in the Jungle 2

My First Puzzle in the Jungle 2

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My First Puzzle in the Jungle 2

A Set of Four Graded Puzzles in the Jungle

My First Puzzles-In the Jungle 2 includes four jigsaw puzzles of varying difficulty featuring various jungle creatures, each with between 5 and 12 pieces.

The pack also has three activities, such as Sorting Pieces, Putting Together a Puzzle, and an Activity with a puzzle already put together. The puzzles help the child develop his or her sense of touch, ability to solve problems, and ability to see differences and focus.

My First Puzzle in the Jungle 2 Benefits and Features

  • Visual Discrimination
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Using logic to solve problems
  • Learning about the different kinds of wild animals
  • Suitable for ages 3 and Up
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