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Creatives Maths Puzzle Multi/Division

Creatives Maths Puzzle Multi/Division

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Creatives Maths Puzzle Multi/Division

One of the most popular puzzle games by is Math Puzzles-Multiplication and Division. The children pick a picture puzzle and the play board that goes with it.

Children take turns reading the number or number sentence on the back of their puzzle pieces.

If there is a number sentence, they will look for its answer, or if there is a number, they will look for its matching number sentence on the play board and place that puzzle piece picture side up in the correct answer slot.

They will notice that their gorgeous picture puzzle is correctly matched once all of the numbers and number sentences have been appropriately matched. Three 25-piece puzzles, three Play Boards, and a special dice are included in the set.


  • Boost concentration skills
  • Enhances visual discrimination
  • Develops understanding of multiplication and division
  • Material used is durable and safe
  • Suitable for ages 7 and Up
  • Set consists of 3 play boards, 3 x 25 piece puzzles, and a dice
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