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Marble Run

Marble Run

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Marble Run

Easy to Build Marble Run Set with Full Colour Guide

There are 24 colorful pieces in 4 different shapes and 6 marbles to construct a marble run. In order to get the marbles back to their starting point, kids might come up with all sorts of creative pathways.

Galt's Marble Run, with its robust pieces and bright primary colors, is an excellent toy for young children just learning to put together their first construction set.

Children find great entertainment in watching the marbles descend the chutes, disappear inside the tubes, then resurface on the bottom curves.

Because it can be set up in a variety of ways, it serves as a useful tool for discovery and inquiry by providing immediate feedback on the relationship between input and output. It's simple to disassemble and rebuild if necessary.

Marble Run Benefits and Features

  • Guaranteed to be of the finest quality
  • All Galt items comply with applicable toy safety standards.
  • There are 24 pieces total, in 4 various shapes and vibrant colors.
  • Kids will have a blast coming up with creative ways for the marbles to make their way back down to the bottom of the tower.
  • This 30 piece set comes with 6 marbles.
  • Among the thirty pieces in this set are six marbles, six chutes, six curves, nine tubes, and three bases to help ensure an abundance of design options. 
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