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Fruits Vege & Their Plants -2 in 1 Game

Fruits Vege & Their Plants -2 in 1 Game

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Fruits Vege & Their Plants -2 in 1 Game

Play cards, picture cards, and an activity guide are included in this collection. 
Children may recognize and name 31 fruits and vegetables and their plants using 62 large, robust, and easy-to-handle cards in this innovative game.

Children can play a game of fruit and vegetable identification with the help of both side-printed picture cards that have written features of the fruits and vegetables on one side and a picture of the fruit/vegetable on the other for identification. 

Game participants match fruits and vegetables with the flora depicted in the accompanying images. 

Also, the child will categorize them into two groups: a. fruits and vegetables, b. those that grow under the ground, above the ground, or on trees, plants, or creepers. 

A new perspective on fruits and vegetables and their role in our daily diets is provided by this offering.

Benefits and Features

  • Perfect game for kids and pre-schoolers
  • Helps to introduce them to the various items that are used in our daily life
  • Package consists of 31 pairs of images of plants, vegetables and fruits which are named appropriately
  • Age group is for 3 years and Up

Box Set Includes

It contains 31 sets of two piece play cards and an activity guide. With the help of 62 beautifully illustrated, large, sturdy, easy to handle cards of this unique game the child will identify and name 31 important fruits/vegetables and their plants. 

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