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Galt Frog in a Box

Galt Frog in a Box

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Frog in a Box

Classic Toy with a Twist

Lift the top and the frog jumps right out of the box in this cuddly and entertaining take on the classic jack-in-the-box toy. You may play peep-o forever. The lily pad cover includes crinkle petals and a variety of textures, while the frog makes squeaky and rattle noises.

Frog in a Box Benefits and Features

  • When the lid is opened, the frog hops out.
  • This frog can croak and rumble.
  • Includes box and lid covers that can be removed for washing.
  • Size: 20 x 16 x 19 cm
  • Box and lid coverings are soft and washable, making this an ideal toy for young children.
  • The cord holding the frog in place can be undone.
  • Ranges from 9 months to 36 months
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