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Elephant Family

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Elephant Family

Whenever you visit the Elephant Family, you will most likely find Father Mitchell Ellwoods sleeping. He just can't help himself snoring away. Do not worry about productivity too much. When he is awake, you will find him growing strawberries and watering them when needed. 

Mother Rianne is often looking for something to eat. She is quite active and involved in a lot of physical activity. This is why she has such a healthy appetite.

Baby Hilton is an adventurous little Elli who wants to be like his parents. He loves playing tag.


  • Posable and collectable dolls
  • Three-piece set that fits in well with other Sylvanian families
  • Great way to stimulate role-play


  • Age Group: 3 years and Up
  • Content: 3 x Elephant figures

What Others are Saying

Billie - They are plastic figures with a flock coating, so they feel fuzzy to the touch. They ARE POSABLE and have articulation points at; shoulders, hips and head. The arms and legs can go forwards and backwards so you can sit them down or stand them up, bear in mind they are quite large in the heads so are top heavy so u need to lean them on something for a walking pose. The heads can look left right and straight ahead and any angle between that. but there is no option for up and down.