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Dining Room Set 5340

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Dining Room Set

Who wants a dining table and infant chair for up to 5 people, as well as a charming kitchen cabinet for storing goods?

Luckily, these are included in the Dining Room Set.

A tea set and toaster oven are included with the Dining Room Set and can be kept in the kitchen cabinet.

The dining table has four chairs, one for each adult and child, as well as a baby chair.

Combine with the Dining Room Set and other figures to create a lively dining room scenario using the uniform design.

Benefits and Features

  • Kitchen cabinet, tea set, toaster oven, dining table, chair, baby chair, and other items are all included
  • In the kitchen cabinet, you can keep the toaster oven and cookware.
  • Each family's baby can sit on the infant chair.

Suitable for Ages: 3 years and Up

Box Set Includes: Tea set, toaster oven, kitchen cabinet, dining table and 4 chairs, baby chair.