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Country Bathroom Set 5286

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Country Bathroom Set

The Country Bathroom Set is just perfect for any Sylvanian home. It comes complete with shower, bath, sink, and toilet.

You will discover that the sink even features cabinet doors and a mirror. Then, there are loads of accessories such as bottles, soap, a laundry basket, and brushes.

The beauty of these sets are how easy they combine with other furniture sets and houses children play with.

Benefits and Features

  • Encourages role playing
  • Free standing bath tub
  • Detailed accessories like bath mats and toothbrushes

Suitable for Ages: 3 years and Up

Box Set Includes: 1 x bath, 1 x shower, 1 x bath rack, 1 x vanity sink unit, 1 x toilet sink unit, 3 x bottles of lotion, 1 x bath mat, 2 x bath toys, 1 x sponge, 1 x brush, 2 x bars of soap, 1 x soap holder, 1 x toothbrusher, 1 x cup, 1 x bath robe, 1 x shower cap, 1 x towel, 1 x toilet, 1 x toilet cover, 1 x toilet brush, 1 x basket, 2 x toilet rolls, 1 x toilet roll holder, 1 x bleach, 1 x toilet mat, 1 x pair of slippers