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Chess & Checkers

Chess & Checkers

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Chess & Checkers

Educational Games to Encourage Strategic Thinking

Combination of two skill and strategy games which is both challenging and fun. To win, the players must carefully analyse each move and predict the opponents' next move. Both games may be played with different playing pieces on the same board.

Game 1 Chess:

The Play Board is made up of 64 squares that alternate in color ( black and white). 16 Play Pieces is given to each participant.

One player will have dark or black pieces, while the other will have light or white pieces.

Through simple language and vibrant graphics, a basic, easy-to-understand book describes the "Pieces," their moves, and the winning strategy.

Game 2: Checkers:

The board is numbered to make it easier to read and record the game.

One player positions his/her soldiers on the board from 1 to 12, while the other positions his/her men from 21 to 32.

These soldiers can only be moved diagonally and forward, never backwards.

The WINNER is the player who removes all of his/her opponent's men from the board or blocks them such that he/she is unable to move. The pack contains everything you need to know, learn, and play the CHESS AND CHECKERS game.


  • Attractive Packaging
  • Helps improve learning in children
  • Improves coordination
  • Hours of fun
  • Classic Board Games


  • Age Group: 7 years and Up


  • Play board, Set of chessmen, 12 white and 12 black checkers men, Rules 
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