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Build a Sentence Part 1

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Build a Sentence Part 1

Literacy Project from Creative's to Make Learning Fun and Entertaining

Build a Sentence (Part One) is a game that teaches kids how to identify subjects and predicates so they may construct simple sentences.

It shows that the sentence's subject is the "doer" and the predicate is the action being performed.

This activity set for children can be played alone or in small groups, and it also helps children improve their reading skills by allowing them to create sentences with the 30 subject cards and 30 predicate cards included.


  • Children learn to create tons of fun sentences
  • Educational and entertaining
  • Help kids understand the meaning of different subjects
  • Using correct pronunciation


  • Dimensions: 280mm x 40mm x 230mm
  • Age Group: 5 Years and Up


  • 30 large Subject cards and 30 large Predicate cards and an Activity Guide