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Galt Bouncy Eyeballs

Galt Bouncy Eyeballs

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Bouncy Eyeballs

Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

For budding young mad scientists who enjoy adding a dash of "eeew!" to their favorite subject, the Horrible Science Kit is a must-have.

This kit includes crystals, a plastic pot, a large and a little mold, a funnel, and a measuring spoon so you can start growing your own horrible eyeballs right now. Find out everything there is to know about them in the icky yet fascinating Horrible Science pamphlet.

Make your own magic bouncing eyes, figure out where they acquire their bounce, and practice your juggling skills with this mash-up of spooky science and weird trivia.

Benefits and Features

  • Create bouncing eyes
  • Learn some jazzy juggling and the science behind ball bouncing.
  • Create four glowing eyes: one huge and three little
  • This set includes 8 packets of crystals, a large mold, a small mold, a plastic pot, a funnel, a measuring spoon, and a "Horrible Info" pamphlet.
  • Suitable for ages 6 and older.
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