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Be Healthy Be Wealthy

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Be Healthy Be Wealthy

Encourage Children to Practice Good Hygiene

Inculcate the habit of keeping clean and being healthy

Your toddler will begin to observe personal hygiene guidelines and develop healthy habits on a regular basis.

In this game, he or she will learn the importance of hand washing, oral hygiene such as brushing teeth twice a day, tongue cleaning, bathing, keeping short nails, toilet habits, using tissues for sneezing or coughing, preferring vegetables, healthy food, sleeping on time, and a variety of other things.

On their way to the finish line, players land on pictures depicting some good and some bad habits or hygiene rules.

If a player lands on a good habit, he receives a good (green) energy, and if he lands on a bad habit, he receives a bad (red) energy.

The player with the most good energies is considered healthy, while the one with the most bad energies is considered sick.


  • The game is ideal for kids who cannot read yet
  • Easy to establish if you are getting green energy or red energy
  • Children develop healthy habits


  • Dimensions: ‎30 x 45.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Age Group: 3 years and Up


  • A play board, 4 pawns and 1 dice, 60 green and 60 red energies, 4 energy collecting boards