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Galt Alphabet Puzzles (New)

Galt Alphabet Puzzles (New)

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Alphabet Puzzles (New)

Develops Early Literacy Skills in Toddlers

There are 26 different colorful puzzles to help kids practice matching and learning letters.
Each of the two-part puzzles has a picture that corresponds to the first letter of the word.
All Galt items are created with the intention of fostering an environment conducive to play and the acquisition of knowledge. The company has long been known for its line of craft supplies and other creative endeavors.

Alphabet Puzzles Benefits and Features

  • One picture, one letter, and one word make up each of the two puzzle pieces. Boosts vocabulary and helps with matching skills.
  • The puzzle can only be assembled with the correct pieces.
  • All puzzles are 6.4 x 10cm in size.
  • Fit for children ages 3 to 5.
  • 26 two-piece puzzles are included in the box.
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